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It’s very easy to put off cybersecurity because many companies think it’ll never happen to them, it’s too expensive, or a combination of both. And despite what you may think, the “Set-It and Forget-It” mindset does not work in cybersecurity.

Know YOUR Security Posture

The internet is changing daily to give small businesses increased connectivity which also provides hackers with more opportunity to cause damage. Remember…it’s not if you get hacked, it’s when you get hacked!

And when you do get hacked, investigators will ask 5 questions for which you better have an answer:

  1. Are your security policies in line with the industry standard?
  2. Did you fail to implement those security policies to prevent the data breach?
  3. Did you in anyway violate your own security policies, even out of convenience?
  4. Do you have a complete list of everyone that was affected?
  5. When the data breach was discovered, did you immediately notify all those that were affected?
Cybersecurity Costs Too Much

Keep in mind, small businesses are no longer from immune from paying damages for a data breach. Depending on the severity of the damage, US Companies can be penalized or sued by:

  • International Governments such as the EU for GDPR violations
  • State & Federal Governments
  • Industry Associations such as the PCI Council
  • Business & Trade Partners for damaged reputation
  • Customers involved in class action lawsuits

As your organization and customer base grow to become more dependent on the internet, the need for securing your information should become obvious. And when that moment comes, it’s time for your leadership to start having conversations about including cybersecurity as part of your data management and security plans.

Questions You Should Ask

Here are 4 very direct questions to ask your IT Leader or Network Administrator:

  • “If we got hacked today, how quickly could we recover and how much would it cost?”
  • “What type of data do we store, and how much trouble would we see if it were exposed?”
  • “What is our company doing about information or cybersecurity?”
  • “Do any of the IT people on our team specialize in security, and what’s their past experience?”

If after reading this discussion and asking those four questions, you decide that your business is 100% secure, then we applaud your organization.

However, you wouldn’t be reading this page if you were confident in your organization’s security posture. If you’re not satisfied with any of those answers or think your business could do better, that’s an indication to start moving towards the bigger picture. Even if you ultimately decide not to move any further with our company, it doesn’t hurt to seek a little advice.

And if after reading this discussion, you remember only one thing, remember this…know YOUR security posture!

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