Network Security

Network Security

Network Security

Securing your organization’s most precious resource

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The Ponemon Institute has stated that the average cost of cleanup ranges anywhere from $690,000 to over a $1,000,000 for small to mid-size businesses. Not surprisingly, 60% of these companies close within six months of a cyber attack.

Don’t Have a Secured Network?

If your Small Business maintains an existing customer base, then securing your network is a matter of survival. Don’t be fooled into thinking that Anti-Virus Software and a secured Wi-Fi is enough protection.

Network Security can be broken into five generally recognized segments


The ability to recognize and prioritize your most critical information systems to facilitate security implementation


The need to implement appropriate security solutions to ensure your network can respond to malicious intrusion attempts


After an intrusion event, it’s vital for your security team to know that your network has just been breached


When threats bypass security prevention measures, leadership must have a plan of action prepared to quarantine and remove the malicious intrusion


Assessing and learning from the extent of the intrusion thereby helping your leadership perfect future identification, protection, detection, and response methods
Benefits of Network Security

All small businesses, such as yours, rely upon a network of computers, servers, and even mainframes to handle a wealth of confidential data. To protect your data against unauthorized access, manipulation, and exploitation; network security must be systematically designed to fit your computer configuration.

Your network and the devices connected to your network are the lifeblood of your organization.  If you’re even slightly unsure of whether it’s as secure as you had hoped, we urge you to seek expert advice, so you can have the peace of mind knowing that your data remains accessible, intact, and confidential.

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