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Virtual CISO

Virtual CISO

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Building a cyber security team is not always feasible. But before…much. But before dismissing the idea altogether consider the reasons why a CISO costs so much.

Is hiring a Cyber security resource too expensive?

Yes, hiring a cyber security resource is extremely expensive and not without good reason. The typical salary range of a cyber security expert (aka Certified Information Security Officer or CISO) varies between $190,000 to $255,000. When factoring in overhead, that dollar figure skyrockets to between $375,000 to $525,000.

There are 9 areas of expertise that a CISO brings to an organization

First and foremost a CISOs most critical duty within an organization
Provide the ability to build and manage existing cyber security teams
CISOs are in extremely high demand because of their expertise
Work with IT to design and implement security and process controls
Increases your ability to conduct business with reduced risk
Fully versed in the IT and Networking fields of study
Seamlessly integrate with existing IT teams across departments
Pursue the latest technologies, concepts, and vulnerabilities
Work with your leadership to educate the organization

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